CV and Experience

Dr Kerry Gough



Twitter: @DrKerryGough


Telephone: 07986 115788

3 Cliff Drive, Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham, NG12 1AX


PhD Film Studies, University of Nottingham: Oct 2002-July 2010

AHRC Award Holder
Supervised by Prof. Roberta Pearson (Jun 2005-Jul 2010), Prof. Mark Jancovich (Oct 2002-Jun 2005) and Dr. Julian Stringer (Apr 2005-Jul 2010)

Alien Receptions: Boundary Contagion, Generic Pollution and Ripley as a Shifting Cultural Signifier

Focusing upon the British press, my monograph examines the historical reception of the Alien film quad and the shifting nature of questions surrounding gender, genre and feminism encountered within the reception of the four film texts. Elucidating the cultural shifts, this study uncovers how Lt. Ellen Ripley functions within the reception as a historically located nexus for societal discourse surrounding shifting attitudes towards the body, social behaviours and gendered norms. Situated as a figure around which debate becomes mobilised upon questions of gendered representation, generic disruption, stardom and creative control, Ripley functions as a historically located shifting cultural signifier.

Distinction in MA Film Studies, University of Nottingham: Oct 2001-Oct 2002
AHRC Award Holder: Ranking 1st/ 14 Candidates

First Class Honours BA (Hons) Film and Television Studies, University of Derby Sept 1998-Jul 2001 Ranking 1st/ 661 Candidates

Ripley Rebooted: Alien Receptions and Transgressive Gender
Under review with I.B.Tauris Ltd.

Book Chapters 

‘I Think It’s Mad Sometimes’: Unveiling Attitudes to Identity Creation and Network Building by Media Students on Facebook (with Dave Harte and Vanessa Jackson) in Mike Kent and Tama Leaver (eds.), 2014. An Education in Facebook? Higher Education and the World’s Largest Social Network. London: Routledge.

Media Industries Beyond the Curriculum: Motivating Blended Professionalism for Enhanced Student Engagement and Employability in Claus Nygaard, Paul Bartholomew, Stuart Brand and Luke Millard (eds.), 2013. Student Engagement: Identity, Motivation, Community. Faringdon: Libri Publishing.

Aliens in an Econ(c)omic World: Cheap at Half the Price – From the Hollywood Blockbuster to the Comic Book in Matthew McAllister, Ian Gordon and Mark Jancovich (eds.), 2007. Film and Comic Books. Mississippi: University Press of Mississippi.


Fostering Collaborative Communities of Practice to Engender Institutional Change Through Flipped Classroom Learning Models in Higher Education Professional Development (with Mark Hetherington), Under Review. Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change.

Collaborative Co-Design, Delivery and Development of Birmingham City University’s Level Up Transition Mentoring Programme (with Jamie Morris), Under Review. Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change.

Voodoo’: Exotic Dancing and Unfulfilled Promises in the Adventures of Alan Moore’s Kick-Ass Heroine with the Nice Ass. Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics. In Revisions.


Learning and Teaching Consultant, Nottingham Trent University

March 2016 – Present

Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching Practice, Birmingham City University

January 2015 – March 2016

Teaching on the PG Cert in Education and delivery on the Masters programme in Education.

My current research interests surround student engagement, partnership working and transition mentoring. In my current role I am a member of the Birmingham City University HEA What Works team and I contribute to a number of student engagement and employability projects across Birmingham City University.

Senior Lecturer in Film, Television and Media Theory, Birmingham City University
January 2013 – January 2015

Taught on the BA (Hons) Media and Communication programme and supervised dissertations.
Devised and led modules in Film and Television theory, and Professional Media Practice. Teaching areas covered include:

Professional Media Practice, Popular Television, Scheduling, Genre, Narrative and Rhetoric, Trash TV and Quality Programming, Television as Liberation and Control, Ideologies of Television, the Structure of the Audience, Fandom and Fan Practices, Audience Research, Postmodernism and Spectacle TV, Television Consumerism, Digitalisation and New Media, Celebrity, Film Rhetoric, Authorship, Film Sound, Art Cinema and Arts TV, Gendered Viewing Practices, Queer Consumption, Projecting Race, National Identities and Production.

Lecturer in Film, Television and Media Theory, Birmingham City University
September 2005 – December 2012

Associate Lecturer, Youth Television, University of Derby, 2010-2013

Associate Lecturer, Talking Pictures, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, 2005-2006

Associate Lecturer, American Film Genres: Horror, University of Nottingham, 2004-2005

Editorial Work 

Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change: Reviewer, May 2014-Present

Journal of Gender Studies: Reviewer, April 2011-Present

Scope: An Online Journal of Film and Television: Articles Editor, Oct 2002-Sep 2005

Selected Conference Presentations 

Student Engagement Conference (with Nick Morton and Marion Thompson)

Birmingham, June 2014

Keynote: Crossing Boundaries, Breaking Barriers and Embedding Belonging
European First Year Experience (with Jamie Morris and Stuart Brand)

Nottingham, June 2014

Building Community Through Student Academic Partnership
Raise Annual Conference, Nottingham, Sept 2013 (with Charlee Greenhalgh)

Level Up Programme
Productive Partnerships: Engaging Stakeholders in IR (with Charlee Greenhalgh)

HEIR, July 2013

Together We Level Up: Institutional Support for Student Transition, Success and Retention

Birmingham Made Me, Birmingham, June 2013

Suspending Disbelief in Prometheus

Storyville, Higher Education Academy, Brighton, May 2013

Enhancing Employability: Student Academic Partnership in Media Industry Outreach and Knowledge Co-creation
Bridging the Gap, Bournemouth, Sept 2012 (with Annette Copper)

Enhancing Employability Through Media Industry Outreach and Knowledge Transfer

What Works? Student Progression and Success, York, Jul 2012
Eat Your Own Dog Meat: Enhancing Engagement through Student Employability

Zombosium, University of Westminster, Oct 2011
Dead Special: Zombies, SFX and Making the Undead Respectable in the Reception of AMC’s The Walking Dead (2010)

Animation Explosion, Birmingham City University, Sep 2011
Animating Alternative Identities: Rorschach, Female Fandom, Fascination and Fantasy

QAA Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, Jun 2011
Student Academic Partnership Scheme, Birmingham City University

Crime Across Cultures, Leeds University, Sep 2010
‘I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in with me!’: Rorschach, Watchmen and the Transgressions of an Anti-Hero in a Graphic Novel, Film and Fansite Near You

Animation Evolution, Edinburgh College of Art, Jul 2010
Animation Re-Orientation: Animation Forum West Midlands, G(local)isation and the Creation of Regional Network Communities in the New Digital Age

Science Fiction(s): A Study Day on Science Fiction Film, Television, Literature and New Media, University of Nottingham, Aug 2005
Alien(h)ating Alien3 (1992): Art, Androgyny and Contagion – The Pretensions of a Popular Culture Product

Science Fiction Research Association, Las Vegas, Jun 2005
Negotiating Heroism: Ripley as the Female Superhero?

Journeys Across Media: The Limits of Adaptation, University of Reading, Apr 2005
Aliens in an Econ(c)omic World: Cheap at Half the Price – From the Hollywood Blockbuster to the Comic Book

Action Heroines Day, Liverpool John Moores University, Feb 2004
Negotiating Heroism: Ellen Ripley, Aliens and the Historical Reception of the Action Heroine.

Student Engagement Activity 

Student Academic Partnership Partner, Birmingham City University
Sept 2010-Present

Student Academic Partnerships

Performance, Media and English Cross Faculty Results Task Force, Sept 2012-
Analysis team from student body to conduct research surrounding the issues arising from the 2012 NSS results

Student Academic Partners: Creative Media Networks, Sept 2012-
Development of the Professional Media Practice Networking Event for 2013/14 Academic Year

Media Industry Outreach Project, Sept 2010-
Contact and development of placement activity with local media industry

Student Academic Partners: I Like the Way You Move, Sept 2012-
Team to ensure the smooth move of students into the new campus

Student Academic Partners: We Level Up Again, Sept 2012-
Success analysis project to investigate take up of Level Up programme

Collaborative Projects 

Talent Bank Innovation Squad, Sept 2012-
Run in conjunction with the Students’ Union, development of student skills database, means of advertising to one another across faculties, assist in development of work opportunity projects

Collaborative Projects: Level Up 2.0, Sept 2012-
Development of Level Up programme across to other Faculties at Birmingham City University

Collaborative Projects: Opportunity Showcase Lectures, Sept 2012-
Development of a university-wide series of guest speakers to function as a showcase for the university

Student Academic Mentors

OpportUNIty: Planning for Personal Tutoring , Sept 2012-
Development of a peer mentoring project in which all students receive a peer mentor

Student Academic Mentors: Level Up Skills Camp, Sept 2012-
Development of a workshop series – referencing and plagiarism, essay planning, note taking, academic reading skills – peer managed project to assist with skills acquirement

Conference Organisation

The Online Mainline: A Multidisciplinary and Multi Media Event
Birmingham City University, Sept 2011

Animation Explosion: Digital Cultures in the New Digital Age
Birmingham City University, Sept 2011

Science Fiction(s): A Study Day on Science Fiction Film, Television, Literature and New Media
University of Nottingham, Aug 2005

(Trans)Forming Bodies University of Nottingham, Aug 2005

Love Maybe: A Romantic Comedy Study Day University of Nottingham, Aug 2004

Sounding Out 2 University of Nottingham, Jul 2004

Subjects and Citizens Postgraduate Symposium University of Nottingham, Dec 2003

Professional Memberships

Higher Education Academy: Change Academy Partner, Sep 2011-Jun 2012

Screen Cultures Research Group, Sep 2010-Present

Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, Sep 2008-Present

Animation Forum West Midlands, Associate Researcher, Sep 2005-Present


Recruitment and Selection of Staff, Expires 20th July 2015


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