Employability Best Practice at Work in the School of Education at Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University’s School of Education take their approach to employability seriously and the proof in this case really is in the pudding. With an employability rating of 95% of graduates of School of Education courses going onto employment or further education, the approach would seem to work.

This week I have been fortunate to be a part of their Employability Week where I am running joint sessions with students from across their distinct courses with a focus upon the use of social media for employability. Today’s session was geared toward the professional benefits of using LinkedIn to build your professional network, while a session that I will be running later in the week will focus around the use of WordPress as a tool for portfolio crafting professional self-presentation.

Hubspot have produced some great little guides for starting out with developing your LinkedIn profile, building your professional network and the use of LinkedIn for business development. You can access these free resources here.

In addition to the development of personal blogging sites to share their experience, we will also be exploring the use of a blogging site for Education students to share their experiences of life whilst out on placement as their learning extends beyond the perimeter of Birmingham City University.


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