An Education in Facebook?


In the Birmingham School of Media, we are rather prone to incorporating new technologies into the learning and teaching environment. In fact, as a Media education institution, we would be rather outmoded if we didn’t. For our students, who arrive with us ready-immersed in own their social media media consumption, we like to build upon the pre-existing usage, utilising this as a means of network building as a part of their transition into university life, as an education tool within the classroom environment and as a means of professional development for their future careers.
On this subject, with colleagues Dave Harte and Vanessa Jackson, we have recently had a chapter published on the use of Facebook as a educational tool in Mike Kent and Tama Leaver (eds.) An Education in Facebook?
The use of social media is something that we take seriously within the School of Media, and Vanessa and Dave, together with former student Mark Ashfield, worked to produce a series of short video tutorials to educate our students on the use of social media. These can be found on the Social Media Tutorials site.  To read more about this research, order your free inspection copy here.

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