Productive Partnerships: Engaging Stakeholders in IR, HEIR Network, Birmingham City University, July 2013

Catching up on the HEIR network conference which I attended along with my then student partner, Charlee Greenhalgh, we spent time highlighting the importance and significance of accounting for the student voice as an embedded part of the institutional framework. I have to say that this is something that Birmingham City University does really well. Although somewhat surprisingly for us, the way that student academic partnership is an ingrained and integral part of the way in which we operate as an institution, is often not an easy alignment met in other institutions.

Hosted in the glamour of Birmingham City University’s Mary Seacole building, Charlee and I shared our story of partnership working, joint planning for our Level Up Student Transition activities and our co-creation of content with the rest of the Level Up Venture team.

This content was designed and led by students and staff in partnership, with the ambition of giving our new students online access to life in the Birmingham School of Media well in advance of their arrival with us. Our aim was to provide content that was responsive to our incoming students’ needs in a way that was informative and instructive on both a personal and an academic level.
Check out our presentation below
Through our presentation, we were able to influence some of the key institutional decision makers from other universities, while Charlee enlightened them in the value of working more closely on an institutionally embedded level to incorporate the views, values and preferences of the student body.
Charlee has since graduated with a First Class Honours from the Birmingham School of Media and now works as a Social Media Marketing Co-Ordinator for Party Jewels Ltd, whilst maintaining her own fashion and beauty blog, Charmed Charlee.

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