HEA What Works Student Success Change Academy, Leeds, June 2013

So Birmingham City University’s latest student success project is well under way, and the HEA event at Weetwood Hall in Leeds set the stage for some further development and finessing of that plan. Opportunities such as these offer up a supportive and collaborative opportunity through which to develop ideas, share best practice and devise real and practical solutions to take back to our home institutions.

Armed with ideas from a series of workshops surrounding active learning and engaging taught environments, exciting inductions and the potential offered by personal tutoring, the project aims to build upon the findings of the What Works? Student Retention and Success programme, which situates itself around the creation of a strong sense of belonging for students within Higher Education and examines the benefits of enhanced peer relations as well as the development of meaningful relationships between staff and students which are emergent from within the academic sphere as a part of that process.

The Birmingham City University team consists of Prof Stuart Brand (Director of Learning Experience, CELT), Luke Millard (Head of Learning Partnerships, CELT), Paul Chapman (BCU Students’ Union), James Williams (Big Data), Jamie Morris (Graduate Intern) and myself.


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