Engaging Students in Student Engagement Activity

Student engagement is at the heart of our what we do within the Birmingham School of Media. Over the last two years, with generous funding from our friends within the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, we have enjoyed the luxurious position of being able to employ our students as valued partners on a number of schemes and initiatives across the School. Through working together in equal partnership, this has had a transformative impact upon our student body, and in the working relationships of staff.

Through working in close partnership, not only have we seen the enhancement of a shared sense community amongst staff and students alike, but we have also seen a very real shift in the professional development of those students who do engage with these opportunities.

Working on our shared experiences, together with Jamie Morris and Amie Hession, we have written a chapter which details how we have embedded such engagement activity as an ongoing part of the taught learning environment and fabric of the School.

Our chapter, entitled;
‘Media Industries Beyond the Curriculum: Motivating Blended Professionalism for Enhanced Student Engagement and Employability’ is due for publication early next year in Stuart Brand, Luke Millard and Claus Nygaard’s collection on Enhancing Student Engagement (Libri Publishing).


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