You Can’t Touch This: Keifer Sutherland, Going Global in an International Instant

Exceeding the attractions of Lost’s otherworldliness, Heroes’ rich complexity and The Pacific’s self-professed blockbuster television status, Sky 1’s Touch is going for international global event status. Not only does it feature a quality cast with Keifer Sutherland (The Lost Boys, Flatliners, 24), Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon, Saw, 2012) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Spooks, Undercovers), but the show also benefits from the production team magic of writer Tim Kring (Heroes).


Featuring on the Radio 1 Chris Moyles Show this morning, Keifer Sutherland’s promotion of his latest project, Touch, featured heavily around its scheduled worldwide release. A first in television programming (if you ignore Lost’s simulcast finale), the series aims to attract multiple audiences across the globe simultaneously. A mass saturation international release will not only contribute to the international hype surrounding the show and aid in generating instant international audience interaction, but will also increase take up of Sky’s technology as audiences are forced to buy into Sky packages if they are to participate in the international phenomenon and debate surrounding the show.

While it could be argued that the development of a sustained series simulcast answers the audience frustrations of having to wait for the UK release of US quality dramas, audience demands and the availability of such a global release pattern, however, also serve as a deterrent to the hotly debated practices of international piracy and copyright infringement.
With 13 episodes planned for the first series, and a further 22 scheduled for every subsequent season, Fox and Sky have invested heavily in the success of Touch, and by airing it simultaneously across the globe, Murdoch’s global reach has a direct impact upon audience consumption practices through the funnelling of audiences into mass participation projects.
Go out and get a Sky Box (if you don’t have one already) and make sure that you tune in to Sky 1 at 8pm on Tues 20th March – everyone in the world will be watching…

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